Hot & Cold Baryonic Matter

International Workshop on
Hot and Cold Baryonic Matter 2010

15-20 August 2010, Hotel Normafa
Budapest, Hungary

News: Proceedings

Conference Proceedings -- 28. April 2011

---------------============ HCBM 2010 ============---------------

Dear Colleagues,

We have received the news from the publisher on the issuing of the:

EPJ Web of Conferences Vol. 13 (2011) HCBM 2010 International Workshop on Hot and Cold Baryonic Matter Budapest, Hungary, August 15-20, 2010 T.S. Biro and G.G. Barnafoldi (Eds.)

Please, find the Table of Content including DOI at EPJ's webpage.

Parallel we uploaded all the contributions to our indico (into the conference program).

We would like to appreciate your active participation in the meeting and helping to collect and referring the contributions afterwards.

Best regards,

Tamás S. Bíró & Gergely G. Barnaföldi

In the name of the L.O.C. on behalf of the LOC of HCBM 2010

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Conference Proceedings -- 13. December 2010

---------------============ HCBM 2010 ============---------------

Dear Colleagues,

After long negotiation we decided and agreed to publish the "Proceedings of the HCBM 2010" in the European Physical Journal Web of Conference Series in electronic format only.

Due to the delay, we set the deadline for the submission to

31st December 2010.

We recomend not to exceed 8 page with your contribution and we ask you to send us the LaTeX source and the camera ready PDF files of your contribution to:

Template and information files can be download from here: (epjLaTeX.tgz) .

If you have further questions or need more information please, do not hesitate to write us.

Best regards,

Tamás S. Bíró & Gergely G. Barnaföldi

In the name of the L.O.C. on behalf of the LOC of HCBM 2010

---------------============ HCBM 2010 ============---------------

Last Circular & Remarks -- 13. August 2010

---------------============ HCBM 2010 ============---------------

Dear Colleagues,

Please, find the Last Circular with hopefully useful and practical information for the

"Hot and Cold Baryonic Matter 2010 - HCBM 2010"

conference, held in Budapest, Hungary, between 15th-19th August 2010.

Payments for the registration:

The HCBM 2010 conference desk will be open from 17:00 Sunday 15 August 2010 until 22:00. Next day we will be at the desk from 9:00 for the whole day.

The conference fee is 130 EUR (approx. 170 USD), as already announced. Accompanying persons are asked to pay 70 EUR (approx. 90 USD) for the lunches and the banquet. We kindly ask you to pay the conference fee in exact amount (130 EUR) at the conference desk, due to a possible lack of change money. You can pay with Hungarian currecy as well (130 EUR approx 37000 HUF).

Registration fee can be paid at the registration desk in cash only, or before your arrival via bank transfer using the coordinates below:

Bank: Magyar Allamkincstar (Hungarian National Bank)
IBAN Account: HU15 1003 2000 0173 1134 0000 0000
Comment: RMKI 45208, HCBM 2010 fee "YourName + NrExtraPersons"
Amount: 130 EUR (+ additional 70 EUR for each accompanying persons)

Please take care to pay all bank transfer fees, and bring a copy of your transaction statement with.

Since the registration fee will be acknowledged by bills prepared to your name and Institute, please check your personal data on our local indico server. In particular your institution's name and correct address has to be checked.

Payments in the hotel:

We agreed with the hotel management to receive a common invoice for all supported participants up to the amount of 65 EUR/night during the conference. All extra costs due to accompanying persons and extra long stays at the hotel shall be charged to you by the hotel in a separate bill.


The program of the HCBM 2010 can be found here. We ask all the speakers to upload her/his talk latest in the coffee break before the actual sections. You may upload your talk to the indico site already now, or ask Gergely Barnafoldi for help in the lecture hall. We prefer to use the conference laptop for all talks, being able to process .ppt and .pdf.

Internet connections:

Internet connection (WiFi and some cables) will be available for the participants durng the conference. network parameters will be announced. Note, the Hotel has limited bandwith, so do not expect so much.

Information for Spakers:

We ask you to upload your slides (talks and posters) to the local indico server or to the presenter notebook before your section. Please see technical assistants for help in the breaks, before your section to speak.

Talks should generally be in PDF or in M$ PowerPoint format. Please indicate a day in advance if you need extra/special software/hardware requirement for your presentation.

Poster Section:

You are invited to join a mini poster section organized on Tuesday 17th August starting at 18:00 in the lecture hall. Posters can be pinned up starting at the end of Tuesday's Lunch Break (13:00)

HCBM 2010 Conference Lunch Menu choices:

We ask you to indicate your choice in a mail to the Hotel Normafa based on the list was sent to you before.

Good to know:

The Hungarian currency is not EURO! Hungary is member of the European Union, she lies inside the Schengen-zone, BUT we are NO member of the EURO zone (yet). Thus Hungarian Forints (HUF) can be used for services and in general shops. 1 EUR = 285 HUF, 1 USD = 217 HUF. Precise exchange rates are available from "Practical links" (right bar). We accept only cash in EUR or in HUF at the Conference Desk.

Try to avoid "street money exchange". Preferably use ATMs at the Airport, or in the city. ATMs can be used safely to get cash. The nearest ATM to the Conference site is about 500 meters away.

Usual credit and checking cards, like VISA and MasterCard are commonly accepted in most of the shops and at hotels. Hotel Normafa does not accept Diners card, but it takes American Express.

How to get to the hotel

Notes on the taxis and airport shuttles in Hungary:

There are registered taxis in Budapest (Zone Taxi, Budapest taxi) and special airport transfer rates. Once you arrive at the airport, go directly to the representative desk of these brands. These have fixed prices, and safe rides. You can try to use other taxis, at your own responsibility. A typical ride from the Airport to the Hotel is cca. 6000 HUF.

The Normafa Hotel management offers you a taxi-order service: e-mail your name and arrival time, flight number to "registration@normafahotel.com" and the driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name at the airport.

Another option to the conference place the "Airport Shuttle service". Sometimes it is longer (depending on the numer of people collected to the same zone), but cheaper solution. Depending on your fight carrier (e.g. Malév) you can get more discount. Check Airportshuttle Service.


Service charges in Hungary are basically part of the price. If not highlighted on the bill, do not hesitate to ask. In such cases you may give a tip of 10-15%.

Climate and Current Weather in Hungary:

Hungary has a continental climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters. In the time of the conference the maximum daily temperature used to be 25 - 30 C. August is the second hottest month, but storms or showers can be forming. It is useful to check the weather forecast and warnings before going out.

On sunny days at midday it is recommended to wear hats and to use high UV sun creams and drink a lot of water (2 liters/day). Try to move into shadowed areas and avoid direct irradiation.

Up-to-date weather informations can be seen here.

In case of further questions, please direct your inquiries to us. Thank you for your attention devoted to this issue. Looking forward to meet you in Budapest.

Best regards,

Tamás S. Bíró & Gergely G. Barnaföldi

In the name of the L.O.C. on behalf of the LOC of HCBM 2010

---------------============ HCBM 2010 ============---------------

Second Circular -- 6. May 2010

---------------============ HCBM 2010 ============---------------

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to confirm that we are organizing the workshop "Hot and Cold Baryonic Matter 2010 - HCBM 2010" in Budapest, Hungary, between 16th-19th August 2010.

We kindly ask You to make your registration following the giudelines on the webpage . Please also do not forget to give title and abstract for your talk, once you logged into the kfki indico site. (Deadline for abstract submission is 1st July.)

If You have not booked at the Hotel Normafa please do so, since they can not guarantee rooms after 1-st of July. Confirmation from hotel typically takes 1-2 days, othervise try to contact them again.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us if you have problems with registration, or hotel room booking.

Sincerely Yours,

Tamás S. Bíró & Gergely G. Barnaföldi

In the name of the L.O.C. on behalf of the LOC of HCBM 2010

Useful links:

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First Circular -- 4. January 2010

---------------============ HCBM 2010 ============---------------

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that we organize a workshop

"Hot and Cold Baryonic Matter 2010 - HCBM 2010"

in Budapest, Hungary, between 16th-19th August 2010, to which we would like to cordially invite You.

The purpose of this workshop is to collect experts and discuss questions related to the equation of state, critical point and dynamical evolution of hadron and quark matter at finite baryon density. Both theoretical and experimental views will be discussed.

We have Professor Constantino Tsallis as a special guest colloquium speaker.

We place the workshop in Hotel Normafa, located uphill on the Buda side of Budapest, nearby our institute, KFKI RMKI. Due to room limitation the number of participants will be restricted up to 40.

Please, register at your earliest convenience at the HCBM 2010 webpage: http://hcbm.kfki.hu then follow the links to get the accomodation on the Hotel Normafa's site. Rooms are available from 65 €/night (single) or 75 €/night (double). Please use the code "KFKIRMKI" for hotel room reservation in the comment field.

At the conference a registration fee of 130€ will be collected.

Accomodation and registration fees can be reimbursed up to the limit given by our sponsors: Helmholtz International Center for FAIR (HIC for FAIR) and LOEWE initiative of the state of Hesse.

Please direct your inqueries to

Thank You for Your attention devoted to this issue, looking forward to meet You in Budapest,


The Hot and Cold Baryonic Matter Organizers

Tamás S. Bíró

Chair of LOC HCBM 2010

HCBM 2010 Organizing Committee

Tamás S. Biró
Marcus Bleicher
Carsten Greiner

HCBM 2010 Local Organizing Committee

Tamás S. Bíró
Gergely G. Barnaföldi
Tamás Csögrő
Marianna Kovács
Péter Lévai
Gyuri Wolf